restaurant plantage in amsterdam is definitely my favourite place for a meal in the city.

restaurant plantage in amsterdam

it’s been a while since i’ve got back, but this restaurant is well worth a shout out. it’s a secret that deserves being shared with my readers!

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i was in amsterdam for two weeks. so i approached the city in my own way: on foot. one day i decided going west and that’s when i came across this gem!

restaurant plantage in amsterdam 6

this cool place has a beautiful setting in the quiet north west of amsterdam, right next to the zoo. the patrons are all locals and they range from groups of young people to older couples and to dates of all ages. kids and dogs are welcome too!

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the dishes below are part of several dinners.

turkish salad with sheep cheese, young spinach, dates, almonds, roasted red onions and sumac


coquelet pimenton with persian rice pilaf, roasted leek and pepper, lemon and tzatziki

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IMG_3300IMG_3302 IMG_3299 IMG_3303 IMG_3307IMG_3309

check out the lunch or dinner menu for inspiration.


the service is swift and the menu is full of nice surprises. seriously, i couldn’t find any fault and i was there 3 times in one week.


this soup was delicious: we couldn’t get enough!


plaice fillet with roasted eggplant, fennel, fregola, tahini and pomegranate molasses


i’m sorry, but i’m not certain of these last dishes. i can’t seem to find them in the menu… the fish above is the plaice, it must be. sorry! anyway, nothing we ever had there was bad: so order away with confidence!


now i’m certain: plantage is really wonderful!

i’d go there for a date, to meet my friends or with my mom. too bad it’s so far from my place! 😛

photo credits: little aesthete