more rock star than rock stars

a personal style that has more to do with transforming one’s body instead of changing outfits. he is famously wearing the same outfit every day, whether he’s at home, in the studio or the gym.

he’s into that kind of fashion that transcends seasons and trends: the exact same thing but different. apart from his line and drkshdw, he also collaborates with revillon, the old fur house. check his official website for all the details.

openly bisexual, married with michele lamy, a very interesting woman, see more here and here. here you have their apartment, the redecoration of which kinda led to a line of furniture. as a spin-off, this show and an interview detailing the alabaster pieces. well, he does cite Brancusi as his strongest influence.

he also used to pull off wearing high heels like no other.

and as you might have noticed, I’m a little obsessed with the shoot he did for arena homme, styled by panos yiapanis and shot by nick knight.

two very interesting and revealing interviews, here and here.

see? heels!

photo credits: copyright holders