i am supporting rointeresting, an imported non-conference on interestingness in romania.

the event will take place on friday, starting with 10 am, at the ark. can’t wait!

the list of speakers includes the following:

– anthropologist alexandru balasescu. click here for an outdated resume. ever since, he published his second book and he’s currently busy as the deputy director of the romanian cultural institute in istanbul. google his name to find an array of great articles on various topics. enjoy!

– psycho-therapist mugur ciumageanu. i discovered his no-nonsense angle on things in dilema. he’s goood!

ze list owner, catalin tenita

iashido aka dan chrila, flash wizzard and watch afficionado

serban alexandrescu from headvertising

cristian lupsa is the mother and father of decat o revista (among others).

the schedule is as follows (in case you have favourites or not enough time):

9:00-10:00       arrival

10:00-10:10     official opening, speech by organizers

10:10-10:30     alec balasescu

10:30-10:40     q&a balasescu

10:40-11:00     catalin tenita

11:00-11:10     q&a tenita

11:10-11:30     coffee and snack run

11:30-11:40     a lady

11:45 – 12:30   marius todosiei demo

12:30-14:00     lunch/internet break

14:00 – 14:20   mugur ciumageanu

14:20-14:30     q&a ciumageanu

14:30 – 14:50   serban alexandrescu

14:50-15:00     q&a alexandrescu

15:00-15:20     coffee and snack run

15:20 – 15:40   cristian lupsa

15:40-15:50     q&a lupsa

15:50-16:20     iashido

15:50-16:20     q&a iashido

16:30                  closing

so: you have a totally attractive lineup, drinks + snacks and wi-fi! we can all multi-task by working while attending this cool event! see you there!