black friday is the day after thanksgiving, when the christmas shopping season officially starts. it is habitual that retailers open their stores very early in the morning and offer huge discounts.

do you remember those videos of people trampling on each other to get to the shelves? if you do, that’s black friday for you. customers trying to get their hands on the best deals, be it electronics, bridal gowns or the latest video games. but nowadays, it is not necessary to surf crowds of eager shoppers. you can shop online, no bother and no hurry.

the romanian retailers have recently adopted the concept. click here for a list of participating companies and, more importantly, their offers. i like okian for books and emag for gadgets but the range of products is quite wide, i’m pretty sure there’s plenty there to satisfy all of our christmas gift lists.

you still have two days left. so start making lists so that your shopping spree ends up in savings and not in tears and overdraft. happy shopping!

photo credits: google search