wake up, romania!!!!

there’s a pack of wolves out pillaging the country and they must be stopped!

as a former communist country, romania got rid of its dictator 22 years ago and has ever since longed for peace and quiet. that peace and quiet associated with civilized countries, where people can just go on with their lives and pay taxes and the political class will sort the rest out.

but romania is not a civilized country. we are a herd of hopeful sheep lead by a pack of hidden-agenda wolves. for the past 22 years, we went from one version of this scenario to the next and i’m stunned to find out that today, we are worse off than a few months ago.

i spent yesterday evening in the street with some hundreds of people angered by the political situation in romania. the people currently in power are blatantly disregarding common sense, the principles of democracy and the national constitution itself just to arrange for a better personal future.

this power-starved kleptomaniac lot will ruin the little romania has managed to achieve during the past few decades. it’s outrageous to see a country of 20 million ruined by the unscrupulous few who are breaking every law and principle for a nest egg.

we can’t have a say in our own country? they want us to shut up, buy a plane ticket and never look back, but i’m still not sold on that idea. this is my country, too! it may not be much and it may not make me proud too often, but it is still my choice if i leave or not! and i won’t, for now.

the shameless scruple-free bastards taking over this country must be stopped – they ignored the constitution, they re-assigned public institutions so that they can control them better, they made system modifications so that they can escape legal consequences. it’s beyond horrific and it’s happening now in an european country!

the world is boiling with protests and we will go join the big angry party: see you all in the streets, romanians!

PS: for more info, you need to instant translate thisthis and this. they said it much better that i will ever do. read on!