rotterdam in 50 pictures is some of the best pictures i took during my recent day trip.

rotterdam in 50 pictures

i kept on postponing this day trip. because i had caught a cold and i felt more like cuddling in my hotel bed with a book then going away. after my cold got a little better, the weather got a little worse. also, i avoided dead days such as mondays or the 5th of may, a big public holiday in the netherlands. so i ended up seeing rotterdam on my last day. and i loved it!

this is a visual post but i will be back with a top 5 rotterdam post with more details about the highlights.

here is the unforgettable angular shape of the centraal station.

rotterdam in 50 pictures 1

this is the hallucinating ceiling of the newly re-done markthal.

rotterdam in 50 pictures 2 rotterdam in 50 pictures 3 rotterdam in 50 pictures 4 rotterdam in 50 pictures 5 rotterdam in 50 pictures 6 rotterdam in 50 pictures 7

below, you have the bibliotheek rotterdam aka the public library.

rotterdam in 50 pictures 8

this is the blaak toren.

rotterdam in 50 pictures 9

a full view of the market from outside.

rotterdam in 50 pictures 10IMG_4026

these are the famous cube houses.

IMG_4028 IMG_4032 IMG_4035 IMG_4043 IMG_4062 IMG_4063

by chance, i came across a gundam statue. click here for more!


this is sylvette by pablo picasso.


i loved visiting the museum boijmans!

IMG_4096 IMG_4114

i loved this piece because the artist didn’t use the regular pretty natural motifs like flowers or leaves. i’d like to have tableware decorated with thistly!

IMG_4123 IMG_4142 IMG_4145 IMG_4155 IMG_4175 IMG_4192 IMG_4217 IMG_4235

this is the chabot museum, also in the museumpark.

IMG_4244 IMG_4249

the kunsthal was another cool surprise!

IMG_4272 IMG_4281 IMG_4287 IMG_4290 IMG_4375

that is the euromast tower in the distance.


back to the museum, this is the fake fur opening of the exhibition about furries.

IMG_4397 IMG_4403 IMG_4411

a cute little arrangement in a vintage store.

IMG_4412 IMG_4413 IMG_4416 IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_4425 IMG_4430 IMG_4440

this was a very cute place by the station. they were selling bubble tea and such. i enjoyed putting my drink together but not drinking it. the chewy tapioca balls were good though.


if you have the chance, give rotterdam a go. you’ll like it!

photo credits: little aesthete