ruben block has just very recently bleeped on my radar. and he’s on top of my list now!

ruben block

he is off the scale hot and interesting. and not even him wailing onstage like diamanda galas will dampen his appeal. lol!

he proves to the world that it’s possible to be a fully fledged underground rock star and an exceptionally sharp dresser at the same time.

ruben blockxruben block 7

his band triggerfinger is a 3-strong belgian group with 5 albums: 4 studio and 1 live. they must be putting something in the water in antwerp as it’s the home town of both triggerfinger and my other belgian favourites.

last year, triggerfinger’s take on likke ly’s i follow rivers was so good that it got them their first number one on belgian and dutch charts.

but that is not their only cover. they did two of rihanna’s hits: man down and the only girl in the world. the latter is amazing!

here you have them on stage with selah sue doing a very cool live version of duffy’s hit mercy. if you don’t get goosebumps i don’t know what’s wrong with you!

ruben lends all the covers they do an out-of-control edge that makes the remakes much better versions of the originals.

here, he is doing the eurythmics classic sweet dreams.  the song has been covered many, many times, yet he still manages to make it his own.

ruben block 1 ruben block 2 ruben block 3 ruben block 4 ruben block 5 ruben block 6

in case you thought it’s impossible to do proper dirty stoner rock in a suit, here you have the triggerfinger full set at pinkpop  2013. enjoy!

all these being said, am i right to crush on mr. slickback?

ruben block 8

to find out more or just to keep up with the band, watch their website, facebook, youtube and twitter. i know i will!

photo and video credits: triggerfinger