nine worthies by salao coboi. that’s what i found! and i loooove this fashionably freakish possee!

playing on the concept of the nine worthies (figures established in the middle ages  who were supposed to personify ideals of chivalry), the artists dressed up nine monstruous figurines. the outfits feature exclusively pieces from the latest collections of some of the most conceptual fashion houses out there.



the stylish monsters are sculpted in polymer resin and hand painted in a limited edition of 20. all of them are signed. the figurines are available on por vocacao, at 390 euro each.



salao coboi is apolinário pereira, a portuense artist/sculptor. if you like this post, consider it a teaser for all the stuff you will find on his blog and fb page.



initially, he co-founded the project with josé cardoso. but he is now a solo act and does project-based collaborations. for instance, he worked with stylist carla cardoso for the 9 worthies series.



currently, you can see salao coboi’s stuff in porto (dama aflita gallery, 29.10.2012 – 3.12.2012) and in copenhagen (mohs exhibit, 29.11.2012 – 22.12.2012).


i found out that the nine worthies is the second series. last year, salao coboi collaborated with round square collective for generation h.  the concept was similar: monstruous figurines wearing pieces from the then current collections of high-brow fashion houses. but each of the figurines was a unique piece. they have all been sold out since.

photo credits: salao coboi