it’s a pretty exciting time to be in bucharest. between street protests against the country’s leaders making anti-constitutional decisions and promoting a huge cyanide-powered gold mining operation and secondary protests against the a shameless new law that declares it alright to kill thousands of stray dogs after the system failed miserably to fix the problem in the past, the city’s youth still has time and energy for going out.

sambata sonora

the brainchild of ana maria pravicencu and octav avramescu, sambata sonora is a false mini-festival of experimental music. as the intention had never been to organize a music festival, the organizers found themselves in the position of faking one. it is probably the biggest local effort that promotes contemporary and experimental music in romania.

so, don’t you need a breath of fresh sonic air? aren’t you over the classical academic take on music? or over the endlessly formulaic mainstream pop? aren’t you ready to get your brain and ears stimulated by some new sounds? you have a couple of days to do just that.

the highlights of the 3-day feat include cafe oto (uk), primate arena (il) and guests (ro) sillyconductor, dyslex, mihai balabaș, dan michiu, cristian fierbințeanu.

15.09, 6 pm, @cndb, romanian showcase – short sets

16.09, 6 pm, @control discussion with the invited programmers

17.09, 8 pm, @cndb primate arena + paul abbott

i though it was time for something new. so, see you there!

sambata sonora 1

photo credits: sambata sonora