secret frank gehry in berlin? well, every time my friends are asking me for tips for their upcoming trips to berlin, i tell them about this. and, since repeating the same thing over and over got a tad boring, i thought it was time my readers found out about this, too. so, the next time somebody wants to know what cannot be missed in berlin, i can simply send them the link.

don’t tell me you have seen berlin countless times. the place i’m talking about is hidden in plain sight. right next to the brandenburg gate, to be exact.

secret frank gehry in berlin 3

it is a regular looking building that is the headquarters of a branch of dz bank. given the strict german building regulations, gehry couldn’t use his signature architectural acrobatics. so he had to do that inside.

so find the dz bank between the school of fine arts and the american embassy, right next to the brandenburg gate. the exact address is 3 pariser platz.

go inside. you will not be allowed to pass through the turnstiles, but it won’t matter. you will already be in the presence of the sculpture. or should i say structure? i understand it is actually a very remarkable way of housing a conference hall.

secret frank gehry in berlin 1Β secret frank gehry in berlin 2 secret frank gehry in berlin 4

anyway, you will be able to admire it and take pictures of it. enjoy!

the large atrium has a glass roof that allows natural light and a glass floor.

secret frank gehry in berlin 5 secret frank gehry in berlin 8

the rumor has it that frank gehry himself was heard saying: “it’s the best thing i’ve ever done”.

secret frank gehry in berlin 7secret frank gehry in berlin 6

click hereΒ and here for more pictures and details.

photo credits: little aesthete