september 2015 finds is more happening than usual. it’s probably because i took some time off. so, get ready for a big, fat list of finds.

september 2015 finds 5

10. i spent a week at the seaside and i took a day trip to brasov.


9. i read two of marjane satrapi’s comics: broderies and persepolis on the train to brasov. i loved the film and i totally recommend any of satrapi’s work.

september 2015 finds 3

8. i read my first junot diaz book a few months ago (see here). this month, i read my second, the brief wondrous life of oscar wao. the dominican saga carries you through a few generations of a family touched by bad luck. the author has an absorbing and street-smart way of telling a story – i know why he won the pulitzer.

september 2015 finds 4

7. unusually, i saw quite a few movies. i will mention the best ones.
the lover is not a great film. it’s more like a good fantasy: a born-dead love affair between an underage french girl and a chinese man of certain wealth. the background is saigon in the 30s.

the last samurai is a holywood film featuring tom cruise. but the real star of the film is ken watanabe!

the impossible is about the tsunami catastrophe in thailand and it features ewan mcgregor and naomi watts.

amy is a documentary about the life and death of amy winehouse. even if you are not a fan (like i’m not), the film is interesting to see. for the fans, the film will answer many questions.

montagne magique is part two of anca damian’s trilogy of heroism. i was absorbed into the film and i couldn’t get enough of the fabulous use of numberless animation techniques. check it out! (i am now looking for her older films, especially crulic, the first part of the trilogy)

i discovered sebastiao salgado in barcelona, in december. i’ve now seen the film about his life made by wim wenders: salt of the earth. glorious!

6. a friend gave me a lot of books because she’s moving house. i went to her place to pick up 3 books and came home with 30! i can’t wait to read them all: i love the natural circuit of goods in nature!
5. the songs i listened to in a loop this month.

sebastian tellier – l’amour naissant. i chose this one because i like the beautiful black and white jean-paul mondino video featuring cute model boy clement chabernaud and french actress and chanel ambassador, anna mouglais.

another classic is lazarote by jack white.

i have been following chris corner as well as his project iamx for many years. recently, i’ve been obsessing (again) about this track.

4. i’ve discovered a new series produced by nhk world called lunch on!. i love it: it’s a heart warming look taken at the lives of japanese people. i supposed you need to be a bit of a japanophile to enjoy this one but i don’t know… check it out!

3. i’ve discovered two new places for dining in bucharest. the first one is the garden a2 and the second is the homely japanese restaurant yuki. i loved the a2 burger plate and the japanese curry at yuki. i promise you won’t be disappointed.

september 2015 finds 1

2. i bought new shoes. my collection now includes a pair of inch red lacquer spike heels and the very cool izas by vagabond. can’t wait to wear both!

september 2015 finds 2

1. my blog turned 5 years old on september the 23rd. i usually make a separate post but i am so busy nowadays that i can’t seem to sneak in too much fun stuff. happy birthday to me! 🙂

september 2015 finds 6

photo and video credits: copyright holders, little aesthete