september 2016 finds comes right in time, unusually! you can check out my finds below.

september 2016 finds

1.flash fiction is literary work of extreme brevity. i had no idea it existed. but i read about it and found out about the six-word story, 140-character twitter fiction aka twitterature, the 50-word dribble, the 100-words drabble, and the 750-word sudden fiction. my mind is blown and i’ll keep on looking into it.

2. var is one of the projects of elias ronnenfelt. the cool band name means war in danish. if you like his stuff in general, you’ll be happy to hear that he’s currently kicking off a european tour with his other band, marching church.

3. i have liked depeche mode ever since i started listening to music in my teenage years. their concerts are often spectacular. this month i found myself looping this particular song, in its live version. enjoy!

4. a friend is fixated on king krule so i gave him a shot. he’s interesting enough, maybe you can check him out too.

5. all of a sudden, i started seeing adwoa aboah everywhere. this documentary, fashion shows, the current h&m ad… anyhow, check out this id video: it’s half an hour of girl power – hmm, i made an involuntary rhyme.

6. il piccolo principe – i’m trying to buy this book in all the languages i speak. and this month, i’m trying to read it in italian. since i already know the story, i hope i’ll be able to finish it!

september 2016 finds 2

7. we had a 3-day music documentary festival in bucharest last week, dok. i went to see the newly released one more time with feeling with nick cave last week and i loved it. see it on a big screen and get lost in it.

8. i borrowed aziz ansari’s book, modern romance: an investigation, from a friend. she scrunched her nose when i asked if she liked it. well, the book is not entirely devoid of merit: it attempts to delve into the dating worlds of los angeles, tokyo and buenos aires. the results are interesting and i found out what a chongo and a herbivore man is!

september 2016 finds 3

9. i watched goddard’s a bout de souffle for the first time last week. interesting but not that exciting. jean-paul belmondo without a shirt on seemed to be the highlight…

10. i also watched la piscine with alain delon, romy scheider and jane birkin. it was nice to watch the natural chemistry of real life former lovers delon and scheinder, but that was about it. jane birkin played a pretty slow 18 year old.

11. sea of trees is a disappointing film by gus van sant that features a personal favourite, ken watanabe. it takes place mostly in the suicide forest at the bottom of mount fuji. the storyline was so faulty i made a game of pointing out the problems – pfff!

12. last but not least, i turned 6 blogging years old on september the 23rd. many things have changed in the mean time but i have to thank my blog and you guys for all the things you taught me. thank you!

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