september 2019 finds is here!

the cover photo is a xavier velhan sculpture from the roof of maat in lisbon.

1. first, we went to guimaraes. we tried to do things we haven’t done the first time we were there, 7 years ago. so we went up the hill and visited 2 museums. 

2. i will mention the second museum separately because i loved it so much. it’s called centro internacional das artes josé de guimarães. the permanent collection consists of the collection of mainly african art of artist jose de guimaraes. amazing!

3. i watched travis scott: look mom i can fly. not bad.

i can’t get behind his music. way too much autotune. i can only remember one track, goosebumps, and that’s because i’ve first seen it performed live in a club, online. and it was fire. i believe that’s his unique selling point. the high energy concerts.

4. we went to the official opening of the olafur eliasson exhibition at the fundacao de serralves.

5. jlo has just turned 50 and she seems to have just hit her stride! watch her get her hustler on. the film has just been launched and there is even oscar buzz going on. i think i’m gonna see it. are you?

6. we went to casa da arquitectura. last year, we were here for a weekend and we saw a show there. miraculously, they extended it until now and we wanted to see it again. we did, on its last day. you gotta love brazilian architecture!

7. when you’re trying to make progress with a language, you try to read. but you’ll be limited to magazines, newspapers, comics and children books. that’s why i bought the maurice sendak classic where the wild things are in portuguese. check out the cool paper bag i got!

8. i finally got my library card, too, but the pickings are slim. i won’t quit though. not for a while at least.

9. i got the wallpaper guide for porto and lisbon. i’m very glad i did. no matter how well you know a city, they always give you something new!

10. i saw james live. it was pretty bad. but no hard feelings, we walked away 2/3 through the concert and met a very friendly cat who made our night.

i have a kinda merciless personal system for rating bands. and, with at least 5 amazing songs, james have a pretty good position. they are forgiven since i always tear up when i watch getting away with it but i’ll just have to remember to never go see them live again.

as an extra, tim booth’s side project with another favourite.

11. i don’t like all that the school of life puts out. but some videos are worth watching.

12. this was a very interesting watch. check it out if you are interested in all kinds of old techniques.

13. on the same topic, here’s a last artisan of a special printing technique.

14. please watch this. i didn’t like her right away but i would totally give her a hug at the end!

find her here and here.

15. read this in case you were wondering what tina turner has been up to lately.

16. this is so good. i first saw them when chanel had a destination show in cuba. they were the live music for it.

17. we went to lisbon for a couple of days. the airbnb was right across the street from the calouste gulbenkian gardens and i loved that. we took an open house tour and we visited the islamic art exhibition. this is still my favourite place in town.

18. we spent one day on the coast. in azenhas do mar, we found a huge crane perched in the middle of this tint coast village. i was disappointed that a tall building will be raised there. then, cabo da roca and boca da inferno were full of so many people, most trying to get the best selfie in the middle of the crowd. we passed through the surf beach of guincho and then took a drive through tour of alfama. it’s still the nicest part of the city although it was awfully crowded. this excessive tourism makes me sad.

19. and another day in the setubal area. on a whim, we went to see cabo espichel. it proved to be the highlight of the day.

20. while in lisbon, i picked up my subscriber gift. if you subscribed to vogue portugal in september, beside the lower price, you got a kerastase set from the organic aura botanica line. i considered subscribing before, since i buy the magazine every month already, but i didn’t like the gifts. this one sounded the most interesting. i love the eau de vague, a sort of texturinzing spray.

21. i read the first volume of elena ferrante’s naples tetralogy, my brilliant friend. i see what the buzz is all about. as i was finishing it, i wanted to have the rest to blow through them just as fast.

how was your september?

photo and video credits: little aesthete and copyright holders