september 2021 finds is here.


1. i finished death in venice by thomas mann. as everybody says, the homonym short story is the best of the lot. i enjoyed the technical part of the work more than the storylines.

2. i loved the language of cities by deyan sudjic. it’s a non-fiction work that makes connections and gives context to cities in general and in particular. i’m glad i have the language of things lined up.

3. i read the man with no talent by yoshiharu tsuge. it’s a autobiographical manga. it was a little heartbreaking.

4. i read the 4 volumes of midnight diner: tokyo stories by yaro abe super fast, in spanish. i got the same wonderful feeling as the netflix series (i wrote about it here), with an extra gritty atmosphere.


5. i read vogue uk and 6. konfekt 4. they were both satisfying, as usual.


7. this was an interesting video. it was cute to watch stormzy fangirling!


8. i watched the newly released britney vs spears. as of last week, she is no longer under conservatorship. still, this was a heartbreaking story that took place in public.

9. i re-watched a classic, monty python and the holy grail by terry gillian. as good as the first time i watched it.


10. i watched the ingenuity of the househusband. although it seems to be related to the former-yakuza manga, i don’t see it. i saw a guy carrying out domestic tasks in a very meticulous manner. 5 episodes 4 minutes each. my favourite episode was the one about recycling.

11. i watched the squid game. who hasn’t? i don’t understand why it’s so popular. i’d recommend it if you need to forget about everything.

12. itaewon class is a 2020 k-drama i’m currently hooked on. i don’t love the slow pace, i wish i could watch it at 1.5 speed. other than that, i’m bingeing it at the moment.


13. don’t you want to see michelle lamy at home?

14. click to watch insects take flight!

15. i have a weird attraction to robots.

16. i still haven’t seen the queen’s gambit. but i love this video of anya flexing her bilingualism.

17. i liked this girl a lot.

18. if you haven’t seen this, you should. it’s an exercise in haute couture recycling.

19. i am not a big wes anderson fan. still, this is an interesting video.

20. this video is about the most expensive nannies in the world.

how was your september?

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photo and video credits: little aesthete, copyright holders