september 2022 finds is here! i’ve been busy so my list is short.


1. i bought living in rio for a pound in a thrift shop peckham. it has text by paolo thiago mello and photographers reto guntli and agi simoes. it’s the simplest way to visit a place that’s prohibited in real life.

2. i finished all things remembered by goldie. it was a bit chaotic, probably because it’s not in chronological order. i guess you’d like it if you are a fan.

3. i day dream traveled to japan with the wonderful ebony bizys. find ebony on insta, she goes by hello sandwich. I might’ve mentioned this book before. it’s a wonderful mind trip for anyone who wants to discover the secrets of the country. on october the 11th, japan opens its frontiers once again. they will allow foreign tourists to visit without restrictions.

4. i’m currently re-reading the power of asking by amanda palmer. it’s a book worth reading. whether you’re an artist or not. it’s worth reading for the quality of her writing as well as for the insight into the business side of indie art. i think her system works if you are minimum an extrovert maximum a narcissist. someone who thrives on lots of attention. if you are an introverted artist, the continuous interaction with your fanbase would be draining and might affect your output.


5. i read british vogue. all the hype was about little timmy on the cover, but i cried reading the interview with olena zelenska, the wife of ukrainian president volodymir zelenski.


6. i watched get smart with money. it’s a beginner type thing and it’s us-centric. but this kind of content should be taught in schools around the world.


7. i watched the second season of cold blood. it’s an us policier series about solving cases that went cold years or even decades before. it’s ok if you like the genre.


8. i picked and chose my way through the list of tim ferriss’ show. i liked the episodes with amanda palmer, edward norton, karlie kloss and joseph gordon levitt. it was interesting to listen to people speaking about their process. long episodes, be warned!


9. are animals sentient? a national geographic article about the feelings of animals.


10. arancini siciliani, who doesn’t want one?

11. this is about sleep and rest.

12. forming new habits is hard, but not impossible.

13. i liked these two houses presented on schumacher 1889.

14. a little insight into the world of edward hopper.

15. i might have a little crush on this cute drag queen from barcelona, martina.

how was your september?

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete