september 2023 finds is here!


1. la somme de nos vies by sophie astrabie was an easy and pleasant read.


2. la epoca de botchan by jiro taniguchi and natsuo sekikawa is the story of soseki natsume, the man who wrote the famous novel i am a cat.


3. in the current issue of vogue uk, my favourite article was insider information.


4. i went to see rubel live in lisbon. it was the only portuguese stop of his tour. i loved it!

5. also, i went to nantes to see long-time favourite, benjamin biolay. another great night!

he has a new live symphonic album out called a l’auditorium, recorded in lyon with the orchestre national de lyon under conductor dirk brossé.

6. dpr ian has a new album out called mr. insanity and i’ve been looping it endlessly. below, my favourites and an interesting interview that is in part about how his process depends on his bi-polar highs and lows.

7. these are two of the three songs put out by inconsideration, a band so small you might never hear about it again.


8. i went to see strange way of life by almodovar. it’s a not-so-great 31-minute short film starring ethan hawke and pablo pascal.

there was an intro by the director himself as well as an interview afterwards. in both, he mentioned an orgy several times. chill, there’s nothing of the sort in there.


9. the main reason i went to lyon was to see the aya takano show at mac lyon. and i loved it! see pics of my travels on insta.

10. almost by mistake, i went to see the musee des confluences and i loved its encyclopedic exhibitions!

11. in cascais, i went to the paula rego museum for the new paula rego exhibition. it was wonderful!

12. i liked the um cento de cestos at the museu de arte popular lisboa in belem. i bought a book and took notes: there are so many things to learn about.

13. last, but not least, the fabulous ukiyo-e exhibition at the gulbenkian museum in lisbon.


14. i listened the nick cave episode of the justin theroux podcast and i liked it.

15. also, the maynard keenan episode of the joe rogan podcast. i recommend it to fans.


16. i really wanted to see le corbusier’s la cite radieuse in nantes. we took a tour organized by the city hall and i loved it!

17. i would go out of my way to visit this dutch library called lochal.


18. this is an izakaya like the one in midnight diner: tokyo stories.

18. i went to zamora in spain for the mascarada. below, you have a video of this year’s procession and another from last year. there were 32 groups from northern spain and portugal with a total of 380 participants.

19. this is an old interview with mickey rourke. interesting if you know him and care to know a bit more about him!

20. christmas is coming and this hypnotizing video of japanese speed wrapping feels appropriate.

how was you september? little aesthete turned 13 in september, time flies.

photo and video credits: copyright holders and little aesthete