sesame is not big in my country. one can occasionally find the white kind sprinkled on top of pastries. or mushed in halva. but not much else.

sesame shrimp

i first discovered the aromatic toasted black sesame seeds mixed in with white ones on my berlin kebabs. i liked them both so much that, when faced with a shelf full of little jars full of white and black sesame in a turkish grocery, i got one of each. i started using both kinds when cooking as i am always looking for new ways to add flavour to my dishes. and i haven’t looked back ever since!


i use both kinds in savory dishes. i toast the seeds a little and i sprinkle them over the food. i find black sesame works best with vegetable stews. it gives them a wonderful interesting edge.


i also use it in the breading of chicken. use little or thin pieces of meat as the seeds burn easily. but remember that a sprinkle of toasted seeds will bring a nutty extra to any savory dish. beside the flavour, they have health and nutrition benefits as well.


instead on using the seeds, you can also try the tahini (the sesame paste used in humus making) or the oil.

i did a little research online and guess what? these seeds are a staple of eastern cuisine so i guess i will be on the lookout for sesame-based dishes in asia during my upcoming trip.

it can be used in a multitude of ways, both for sweet and savoury recipes. here are a few favourites from the recipes i found online. for the black kind: puddingicecream and macarons. and for the white kind, i like everybody’s weakness, brittle.

black sesame icecreamblack sesame macarons

please give sesame a chance on your plate. i guarantee you will not regret it!

photo credits: google search