my first visits to lynch-world were during high-school when i was going by myself to screenings of wild at heart, eraserhead and blue velvet in a seedy cinema hall in downtown bucharest. i was mesmerized and completely submerged in his universe and i liked it. the reason for his films being shown, even if it was in an underground cinema, was that every saturday, at 8 pm, twin peaks was on tv and nobody was missing it. no party started before the episode ended and i have never since heard of such dedication.

i later did a thesis on david lynch‘s parallel worlds in his films: it was fun to research, find bits and pieces and put them together. i think his approach is very interesting and it surprisingly works even on the pavlov complexes of the hollywood-trained masses. but i will not go into storytelling mechanisms and techniques: that’s too hardcore for a tuesday morning…

i will tell you that our favourite poly oriented artist, after film-making, music, meditation, coffee making (i am not kidding, he has his own organic brand), etc, has been recently commissioned to do the interior design of a closed-circuit underground club dedicated to the arts, in paris.  it’s called silencio (remember mullholand drive?) and the address is 142 rue de montmartre. the club will include a bar, a restaurant, a library, a stage, as well as a 24-seat cinema screening independent films.  the team included designer raphaël navot, enia architectes (for the structural work) and thierry dreyfus (he customised the lighting system). wallpaper quotes lynch saying that “the ideas, you could say, were similar to cinema ideas in the way sets are designed to create a specific mood”.

the 200 sqm space will be open for the members on october the 6th. the club is open daily, 6pm – 6am. the club is reserved only for card holding members and their guests and they have unlimited access to any of the events organized on site. i know you are curious so here’s the membership rates:

– regular 780/year or 65/month

– premium 1,500/year or 125€ tax-incl./month

– reduced rate 420/yea or 35/month (if you are under 30 or a foreign resident)

all prices are in euro and they all include tax.

i like the concept: we can finally visit lynch-world! i kindly ask the first reader to experience this place to write back and tell us all about it. thank you!