sinboy is a madrid-born and bucharest-based self taught street artist. this morning, i went to see him talk about his influences and work at this month’s creative mornings.

sinboy creative mornings bucharest 1

he opened with an abbreviated chronological history of his influences. that started with the pin ups on the 2nd ww airplanes and went through outsider culture: sci fi, porn, hippie, drugs, street gangs, punk, and skate. in short, he found their insignia and misfit spirit very interesting.

sinboy creative mornings bucharest 3sinboy creative mornings bucharest 2

i personally finally found out who was the creator of that scary mouse, rat fink. it was ed roth aka big daddy ruth!

the intro was super interesting especially for me since i have never considered looking into that kind of things. also, it gave me perspective on certain details such as: those 70s graphics were lsd-powered. penny drop, right?

sinboy creative mornings bucharest 4sinboy creative mornings bucharest 5

after listing his influences, we got an overview of his work. it varies from street art to illustration to playing in a band called the nuggers. he also writes (or at least he used to) and likes to make stuff. he said his dream project would be making his own cartoon or his own pinball machine. a final thought: bucharest would benefit from having a bug mural fest. i totally agree! bucharest has little to no street art and that should change immediately.

find out more about sinboy and see his art on his website.

now that you know what i did this morning, let’s all have a great weekend!

photo credits: little aesthete