if you are romanian, you know about stray dogs: recently, they barely missed a genocide and presently, most of them are struggling to survive the freezing cold. also, you know about the hundreds of them buried alive by snow in glina: two ngos are sheltering dogs in the middle of nowhere, in chicken wire kennels and they’ve been snowed in. the difficult conditions, the terrible frost and the prohibitive location made a bad situation worse.

but a group of young people got organized and made efforts to improve the circumstances. 200 out of 400 dogs have already been adopted by kind people. 60 volunteers have been involved so far and we’re hoping that this figure should increase as we’re organizing another round of interventions during the weekend: starting tomorrow, 11 am, from mcdonald’s dristor, cars will leave towards Glina every 30 minutes. apart from the obvious soul reward, the participants will receive prizes.

don’t think we were the only ones involved: among the first to get on the field were some convicts from the jilava prison. i don’t know if they were convinced by the shortening of their own punishment or if they identified with the dogs’ lack of freedom, what is certain is that they made the effort and part of the dogs owe them their lives.

we intend to keep the interventions coming: tonight, at 9, we organized a meeting pe baricade: the evening is an eclectic combo – our favourite jazz saxophone player, mihai iordache, then john riley (dj) with augustin pop (sax & clarinet), and a dj set with tonkins anderson. you can choose how you pay at the entrance: 1. you can buy and donate dog food (great prices ranging from 2-5 lei/kg) or 2. you can temporary adopt a doggie for 2 weeks, hopefully we can help them all survive the winter and even find them a family. soon, we’ll also have a group sale show for special prints: photographers big and small took pictures on the field and the income will be redirected back towards the little glina dogs.

if you like what we’re doing, check our page and come with us this weekend to save some frozen doggie ass!

photo credits: carmen voinescu, costin vasiliu, asociatia robi

note: a romanian version of the post is available here