i arrived, checked in, set up my computer and i’m ready to start the live blogging day!

at 10, we expect bogdana butnar to take the floor: social media expectation: differences and conflicts between the marketers and the consumers.

marta usurelu makes a short introduction for the first ever social media summit bucharest. also, a short presentation of what revista biz does.

bogdana starts by telling the young ladies in the house: my speech does not target you as it is centered around star trek.

– first question: why do marketing people believe that what the consumer wants and what they actually want are two very different things?

– photographs of tim roth’s facial range used to illustrate the consumer’s feedback

– the evolution of the marketer’s involvement with social media

– i understand that bogdana will post the presentation on her blog.

– reader shout outs, controversy, humour. yay or nay?

– the schism between the perception of the marketers and that of the consumer

– here comes the star trek reference: the away team – operational team sent to fix things. the catch: it never involved a marketer…moral: social media doesn’t need extra marketing…

– bogdana on the world pre and post internet

– bogdana believes that social media is much more than communication so more departments should be involved

– things evolve fast: perhaps master card should drop their old priceless idea

– we don’t need more communication channels, we just need to make better use of the ones we already have.

victor kapra takes the floor:  how ready are you to enter social media? best practices of 2011. what’s next?

– 3 basic rules

– old-fashioned, phoney language in pr communication. so, before starting big social media projects, are we able to communicate properly?

– 1st rule: copy/paste communication generated by poorly paid beginners.

– 2nd rule: start by experimenting on social media channels on your own and then graduate to doing it on behalf of a company

– 3rd rule: it’s time to give up on the monologue and start the dialogue

dragos stancacommunication, not advertising

– discussing the meaning behind the the word brand

– q is the new a (a joke on how the qwerty keyboards are today a kid’s first abcs)

– the kids’ digital babble: a new code. marketers, learn the code and try to speak it in order to appeal to the young pocket!

– case studies: microsoft romania for the the new internet explorer. the omv facebook page – app&game. fashion tv online launch. trick: a low budget word of mouth method – they used the models’ personal facebook pages as ambassadors and it paid off. in 6 months, they had nearly 1,400,000 likes for the page

marko njavro, marketing manager for bergenbier. marta is telling us how staropramen became the bloggers’ beer. he’s croatian and he’s sure everybody will forget everything else about him but the fact that he broke the styrofoam biz chair.

social media for starbev brands

– create relevant content for the consumers

– 1. awareness 2. purchase intent 3. likelihood to recommend

– 2012 will be the year for more social media interaction for staropramen. expect contests as well!

alexandru negrea, blogger and social media manager for bcr: analisis, integration and reporting of the social media results

– 2012: monitoring, delivery of content, analysis, activation, integration

– facebook: worldwide – over 800 million users, romania – 4.3 million users

– twitter: worldwide 225 million users, romania 60k users

– the user is young and uses social media mainly to do pr for themselves: two malls and the main bucharest airport are the 3 top places where ppl check in with facebook check in

– should one pay for things that force feed us ads? the romanian subway is full of ads, perhaps their operational costs are already covered…

– socialbakers.com – favourite facebook monitoring tool

mugur patrascu, ileo managing partner – social professionalisation. kol – brands partnership

– ileo: 10 brands, 25 campaigns/year, 80% social media coverage, 8 fb pages

– the agencies want the build partnerships between the brand and the public

– nowadays’ patterns: hit and run, everybody does everything, everything is done the same way, by the same guy

– more depth and loyalty in choosing battles (and partners)

– translating a brilliant idea into a brilliant campaign that reaches its goal

coffee break

vlad petreanu, b1 tv journalist, why is the story behind any post/campaign important?

he starts off by calling himself a mere content maker. he goes on with a lengthy parallel between michelangelo and himself…barely funny and even less based on real facts (at least the renaissance part) painful to watch!…

razvan baciu, trafictube.roreturn on investment from video content

– why video? different content, easier to follow, tools

– online video content became my middle name

– types of video content: reportage, personal opinions, reviews, how tos, events

– i learned everything i know video content-wise from youtube/internet

– i got my break during the descopera romania/discover romania campaign: while all the other bloggers wrote their opinions, i edited films, people watched them and got to know me better

– tv channels use my stuff, often uncredited so i found myself forced to watermark the video. i don’t like it but it seems to be the only way

– return on investment: directly from site/blog, indirectly via services, promotion, branding

manafu on the mike: he changed the topic of his presentation – he will do pinterest.

he chose well: the audience is humming with comments and questions and he’s barely 5 minutes into his speech. score!

– 1.36 million visitors/day

– apparently, the new kid on the block generates more referral than google, facebook and linkedin combined

– it has great untapped potential

– he loves the possibility of being able to peer into the public subconscious and marketers should totally take advantage of it, too

georgiana gheorghe, corporate communication manager for danone – the profesionalisation of social media, generating relevant content

– campaigns run on blogs

– the focus was on female bloggers and on the female audience

– a question from the public: how does the company answer to the attacks related to the ingredients danone uses? a vague answer: our social media involvement proves our openness to dialogue.

gabriela lungu, manager partner, the practicecrisis management in an explozive environment. the flipside of the coin and the social media traps

– the fear of social media

–  the wrong: there are clients who resist using social media or who misunderstand the use of social media

– the right: the cautious client who acts only after making sure that everything will be in order

marius tudosiei, bacania veche – social media for the personal brand and for your business

– bacania veche has 15k people on its facebook page

– i relied on sincerity, which was probably surprising for many

– i relied on the opinion of my fans

– a big scoop: marius started filming for a cooking show! exciting news!

one of the four studies is presented before the break, as the presenter needs to leave:  Romanian blogosphere report by refresh.ro presented by costin cocioaba, www.refresh.ro

general info: over 50% have been writing since 2007-2009, they have personal blogs, they spend 1-3 hours/day on the blog, they have their own hosting and they their success in sm comments and reactions.

– 20% daily posts, 33% nearly every day, 47% weekly or monthly

– shocker! 77% don’t know how many rss subscribers they had at the beginning of 2011

– 32% of bloggers do paid posts

– 415,000 euro income for the top bloggers. this little figure sparked a series of questions and comments

– costin promises to post new info on refresh as soon as possible

lunch break

during the break, i caught up with former collaborator and next speaker, adina vlad, managing partner, unlock market research.

she will present a study: facebook, from like to love by unlock market research.

– the facebook paradox: you can have plenty of friends but not necessarily influence them

– for instance, dipping dots, an icecream brand with 4.5 million fb fans, filed for bankruptcy in nov 2011…

– but this works the other way as well: unicef ireland, nike plus +, etc

– how can one welcome and satisfy the needs of the facebooker and turn their likes into motivators?

– focus-blog that took 4 days and studied the behaviour and preferences of 20 persons

– check out the results: 6 types of fb users – 1. the pragmatic (i recognize myself…), 2. the militant, 3. the connector, 4. the approver, 5. self-promoter and 6. the explorer (i recognize myself, too…)

– how can a facebook page generate love

– facebook will change the like into the want, the bought and the consumed

– adina’s speech was appreciated: the tweets spoke!

chinezu takes over: social media campaigns made in romania by blogal intiative

– blogal initiative: 40 campaigns in 6 months, 1,308 posts, 464 bloggers

– the conclusion: don’t throw your money away, make your campaigns with bloggers!

– and a final comment: that figure (415k) is at least double!

social media and the online press, a study by zelist presented by catalin tenita, managing partner, treeworks

– sm works as am amplifier of the traditional press

– the entire study will be posted on zelist so that everybody take their time and check the figures

– if you need the monitoring data, ask zelist!

a long day came to an end. tomorrow i will post the content edited into a better structured post. thank you for having followed!

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