societe anonyme is this fabulous florentine concept store i had the luck to come across. they have cool, super friendly staff, a special location and an awesome selection of brands.

my favourite pieces were some flat sandals and a dress. a cute outfit, perfect for walking the streets of florence. i have just left the city and i’m already missing it!

societe anonyme

if i only have one skill, it’s certainly my built-in cool hunting radar. how else do you explain me finding this amazing store within one hour of dropping my mom (she needed a break) at our hotel? i went in and i was not only welcomed but also invited to their opening party the following day.

to get a good picture, you need to remember the following. a super interesting concept store located in a young, underground area of florence. its employees must wear uniforms made of margiela shoes and outfits from the store. and the place is one of the selected few mentioned in wallpaper’s florence city guide. oh, and in monocle.

florence 5

co-owners massimiliano giannelli and catia nencini opened the store in 1988, in a former scooter workshop. the décor includes salvaged ancient wood doors, longboards and vintage furniture. the awesome selection on sale includes staples like margiela and kenzo, cult japanese brands such as zucca and comme des garcons as well as local designers and the store’s own brand. also on sale, penny skateboards and local pillows.

societe anonymesociete anonymesociete anonymesociete anonyme

i was fortunate to meet massimiliano, the very cool owner. he was kind and welcoming. and very stylish.

on saturday, i went to the opening party. societe anonyme is currently hosting the by rana salam pop up store between 6.04 – 27.04.2013, as a special project of  film middle east now.

societe anonymesociete anonymesociete anonymesociete anonymesociete anonyme

the grand opening party was colourful: hipsters and creative types but kids as well and even a pug or two. there was a dj set and lebanese  food: samosas, falafel and white coffee. but there was red wine as well, as we were in italy, after all.

societe anonymesociete anonymesociete anonymesociete anonymesociete anonyme

i loved the atmosphere, the music, and i really loved the monocle issues i could leaf through. i know it was a party but i enjoyed myself reading while being surrounded by party goers.

societe anonymesociete anonyme

the party spilled on the sidewalk, as any good party does. on a street corner, under a clet-improved traffic sign, holding a glass of red wine and a cigarette – florence’s coolest hailed the opening of the limited-edition store.

societe anonyme

i left the party with a smile on my face. my last evening in florence and italy couldn’t have gone better!

for whoever can’t make it to florence, there’s always the convenient option of shopping online. find the store on their website, facebooktumblr and twitter.

i wish societe anonyme all the best with their current and future endeavors!

photo credits: little aesthete

video credits: farfetch