alberto dantes alexandru is the boy in this picture that went viral last month.

for the many kids around the world have a hard time understanding why they have to wake up in the morning, go to school only to come back for some homework, there are also a lot of poor kids whose lives are hard.

only this down on his luck but incredible kid found himself some friends, two willing pharmacists who, right on the counter, teach him to read and write and help him with his 1st grade homework.

the picture of a barefoot kid waiting so that the pharmacists find time for him touched everybody: it has been shared over 20,000 times (counting only its original source where it was posted on october 16th).

he is alberto dantes alexandru, a kid from craiova with a very difficult situation. but i guess he’s just like one of those plants that grow through asphalt: it’s so much harder for him, but it doesn’t stop him. his effort is an inspiration just as much as the effort of the two kind women who help him.

we need more of this and perhaps things will get better.

note: this post will raise 10 euros. one of the most important romanian bloggers will pay 10 euros for each post talking about the good in our people. the final amount will go to this unbelievable kid.

secondarily, the post is part of a user-driven maccann erickson campaign.

if anybody feels like helping too, here you have the kid’s address: str. unirii 44, craiova, dolj county, romania.

photo credits: cristian nicolaie