soo joo park crush is a post about this interesting girl i like right now.

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she is a model who was born in seoul but raised in south california. she graduated from architecture school and was scouted at 21, while vintage shopping.

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her trademark is her white blonde hair. actually, her modelling career skyrocketed when she decided to bleach it. ever since, she has become a favourite of karl lagerfeld, carine roitfeld, etc.

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it’s not a surprise that i can find lots of pictures of her but not so much info. still, there is some.

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this is her entry in the coveteur. i like her cool personal style!

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you can catch her in the alpha girls, a reality series covering four asian girls, 3 south koreans and a malaysian, making it big. i watched it all and i can tell you that soo joo is struggling with a foot injury during new york fashion week. whoever thinks a model’s life is easy should certainly check this out!

i also found two shorts: impossible love and punk, each featuring soo joo in a very different way.

you can follow soo joo on instagram.

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