yesterday, portocala mecanica organized this 3-hour picnic for bicycle owners to meet up and get their favourite means of transport fixed and ready for the new season.

my hind wheel had taken on too many of bucharest’s high kerbs and was no longer round…so, i carried my bike to the subway (fortunately, they recently started allowing bicycles for the weekends and for legal holidays) and went to izvor. right outside, in the park, there was already a small group of bike lovers whose number increased as time went by. so, i came, i socialized, had a couple of oreos and got my bike in a better shape than it’s ever been in!

a big thank you to ionutz from ciclop for fixing up my two-wheeled baby and giving me much needed advice. also, thank you portocala mecanica for the initiative! we should definitely make a habit of it!