stef antiek in bruxelles is what i would call a 950 square meter ali baba cave!

stef antiek in bruxelles 5

i stumbled upon their kapellemarkt store the first time i was there, a couple of years ago. it’s right across the notre dame de la chapelle church. you will spot it easily because of its eye-catching exterior.

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but this time around, i went in. wow! nothing prepares you for what you will find there. i’m not an antique connoisseur but i like time traveling like that. i see it as some sort of education.

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apart from the place i visited, they have two more locations. also, they are opening a new 10,000 m² warehouse, in mechelen, in 2014. if you are into antiquing, this sounds like the kind of place you cannot afford to miss. they have an amazing selection and the stock changes daily in all four locations.

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i knew that belgians take their antiquing seriously and i have noticed it in all the places i have visited. but i have never seen anything like stief’s antique shop, in belgium or anywhere else.

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you need to plan to spend a little while to visit the store. because you needs some time to check out all the treasures he’s amassed there. they will kindly help with the export and shipping papers in case you are not a local.

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it was a magical trip and i left with 100-year old dust on my shoes. thank you, stef!

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check out their website for more info and try to visit if you’re in bruxelles!

photo credits: little aesthte