street art is making things more interesting, even in traditional italy. below, you have a selection of the pieces that i ran into during my recent little tour.

the most exciting piece i found was a mr. a by andre, in siena. as the town is small and very picturesque, i was surprised to find the whimsical top-hat wearing character. but it did fit in very well, i must say.

the talks recently posted an interview with the man behind monsieur a, andre saraiva. a french-portuguese artist who is also, admittedly underground, famous for the fact that he was married to paris-based electronic pixie uffie.

this is what i found in bologna.

italian street art bologna 1 italian street art bologna 2 italian street art bologna 3 italian street art bologna 4 italian street art bologna 7italian street art bologna 5 italian street art bologna 6

this is what i found in pisa.

pisa 5 pisa 1 pisa 2 pisa 4pisa 3

this is what i found in venice.

venice 1 venice 2 venice 3 italian street art venice 4 italian street art venice 5 italian street art venice 6 italian street art venice 7 italian street art venice 8 italian street art venice 9 italian street art venice 10

i spent most time in florenece so most of the pictures are from there. i found lots of street art in the mercato di sant’ambrogio/architecture college area.

florence 40 florence 1 florence 2 florence 3 florence 4 florence 5 florence 6 florence 7 florence 8 florence 9 florence 10 florence 11 florence 12 florence 13 florence 14 florence 15 florence 16 florence 17 florence 18 florence 19 florence 20 florence 21 florence 22 florence 23 florence 24 florence 25 florence 26 florence 27 florence 28 florence 29 florence 30 florence 31 florence 32 florence 33 florence 34 florence 35 florence 36 florence 37 florence 38 florence 39

the city is marked by a variety of traffic sign interventions. you guessed it: clet rules the city! he may be french by birth but he has moved to italy 18 years ago. and he’s currently based in, of course, florence.

florence clet 17 florence clet 1 florence clet 2 florence clet 3 florence clet 4 florence clet 5 florence clet 6 florence clet 7 florence clet 8 florence clet 9 florence clet 10 florence clet 11 florence clet 12 florence clet 13 florence clet 14 florence clet 15 florence clet 16

for a while, i wasn’t sure if all the pieces were his. a local told me they were. also, on my last evening, i ran into this little shop selling clet signed traffic signs. it was late so it was closed but online i found that an original clet could set you back at least 550 euro.

florence clet 18florence clet 19

find more of his italian pieces here.

i found out something very specific about florence. it is not illegal at all so it’s not exactly street art. it’s the street numbering. they use two different colours to indicate private residences or businesses. blue of black for the former and red or brown for the latter. it is a bit confusing, but after you get the idea, it’s pretty interesting to watch.


if you recognize any other artist among the pieces i posted, please let me know.

i hope you enjoyed my street art post!

photo credits: little aesthete