street art vienna is a selection of pieces i ran into during my not-so-recent-anymore trip.

street art 8

on the first day, while walking down gumpendorfer strasse, i found the rabbit eye movement gallery. i found out that it belonged to nychos, the austrian street artist, and that it had been launched in december 2012.

street art 4street art 2 street art 3 street art 5

so it happens that i have recently read the summer 2013 issue of be street, a french urban magazine. a nychos piece was on the cover: a dissection of donald duck’s head. i read the dedicated article and i can tell you that his depiction of sectioned multi-layer images of animals comes from his childhood exposure to hunting and, well, dissection.


the city has many varied pieces. there’s lots of stickers, few murals and many stencils.

street art 13 street art 1 street art 6 street art 7 street art 9 street art 10street art 27 street art 14street art 12 street art 16street art vienna 17street art vienna 18 street art vienna 20 street art vienna 21 street art vienna 22 street art vienna 24

would you believe it? i even found a sticker with save rosia montana. a sticker for the romanian autumn protests.

street art vienna 19

then, there were a few stickers by luft fabrik.

street art vienna 11 street art vienna 26street art vienna 23

i found a couple of space invaders.

street art vienna 25 street art vienna 15

my biggest sighting came by chance. we were hanging out in bilderbox, the comics book store, and there was a guy in there who said we should go and see the roa mural. we were actually not far from the inoperable street art gallery. they had had a recent roa show.

so we went hunting for this mural. and we found it! a school behing the haus der meers donated a wall and roa painted one of his cool black and white pieces with animals in urban spaces. check it out!

street art vienna 28 street art vienna 29 street art vienna 30 street art vienna 31 street art vienna 32 street art vienna 33

extra: during my day trip in graz, i found a few street art pieces. one of them is a stag beetle!

graz street art graz street art 1 graz street art 2

i admit that my selection may not be spectacular, but i only had three days and street art was not a priority. i hope the post has documentary value at least. i personally loved seeing the big roa mural though!

photo credits: little aesthete