i have a micro post to let you know that i’m back (just in time to miss the huge general strike against the newly reformed labour law paralyzing spain today) and that i already have a lot of work lined up! expect a wave of spain-related posts!

you know how much i like relaxed people who find their own style. it’s rarely about the clothes and often about the personality of the dresser. let’s see what i found.

fashion designer/stylist, barcelona. she was gracious even if i disturbed her cigarette break.

former english literature teacher (chicago, usa). i apologize for the quality of the pic but i ran into her while visiting the guggenheim in bilbao (see the tell tale accessory: the audio guide).

street artist, barcelona. what you can’t see are the huge eagle wings tattooed on the back of his arms.  or his cool street artist friends. a great example of how clothes are just a detail!

i would like to thank everybody for agreeing to be featured on the blog. muchisimas gracias!

photo credits: lilaesthete