alex noriega is a 29-year old cartoonist from barcelona who has two blogs: stuff no one told me (but i learned anyway) and your mother likes it.  the content is mostly endearing and sometimes kinda challenging (especially if your sense of humour is too rigid). a must-follow!

kinda in the vein of fredo and pid’jin, the romanian cartoon blog that gives us weekly glimpses of the adventurous life of two birds who will not be stopped by political incorrectness, blasphemy or the such in their quest of the adequate method to take over the world.

i also follow questionable content, a hipster-friendly gossip girl-type series.  you know what i mean: you take a little group of friends and then watch them sleep with each other. the stuff of great romance/day time drama! it also includes robot pets, manga lovers, mean barristas, lesbian friends, an ocd queen and a lot of sex trouble.  enjoy!

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photo credits: alex noriega