i support jug 2. will you?

jug is an independently published magazine, one of the brain children of bucharest-based design studio loot.

i support jug 2. will you 4

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√ no digital version?/
not yet. but we’re preparing an online platform for jug as we speak. the magazine will also be available as individual articles, printed right after they are written.

√ what’s the editing process?/
for the first issue, we had a guest editor who took care of the texts. for the second issue, we have the ‘serious’ section, which is curated and edited by the guest editor, the rest is done by us. we ask people to write, illustrate, translate and they actually do it, it’s wonderful and we plan to do our best to repay them properly.

√ can we apply anywhere?/
yes. jug accepts submissions, but we can’t guarantee they’ll be published. we have quite a strict editorial policy. that’s important when you plan something new.

√ different editor for each issue?
guest editor, for some of the articles that are beyond our expertise as designers. if you’re cool and you do a good job with texts, you can expect a message from us anytime.

√ is the magazine ready, do you have all the content?
yes. jug 2 is absolutely ready, it turned out to be a beautiful 120-page magazine with varied content.

i support jug 2. will you 1


√  why crowdfunding and not sponsorship?
we want to make our audience commit to the idea of jug. of course, sponsorship works easier, but we’re building something for the long term and we are focusing on our audience, the people who want to hear what we have to say is paramount.

√  is the magazine about romania?
yes and no. it’s about the whole world (the portion that we could interact with at least). but since it’s made by us and by mainly local authors, you can see the romania in it.

√  i don’t usually buy print, convince me to buy the mag.
print is not very effective. it’s hard to sell as media, hard to print, hard to design and hard to distribute. but jug is an idea that has to have print, it had to start from print since we thought of it as an artefact of our times. if you’re interested in having a fun, exciting, different design item that reflects contemporary culture, then you should get jug. plus it’s so damn gorgeous!

√ where do you distribute it?
we’ve made partnerships with small libraries like anthony frost or kiralina. if no. 2 gets funded, you will be able to find it in bigger stores as well. it’s also available in our online store, of course. and, probably from 2017, online on its own website!!

i support jug 2. will you 3

if you are willing to read more about this topic, here’s a longer interview for you.

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photo credits: claudia cristea

video credits: black horse mansion