sushi dinner in tokyo is a must. exactly one month ago, on our only night in tokyo, we went out for sushi.

sushi dinner

our friends took us to this small, traditional place in ueno and we enjoyed raw dinner and drinks.

there are three ways of ordering sushi. omakase=chef’s choice. okonomi=your choice. okimari=set menu. as we were beginners, our friends ordered for us from the days’ specials.

we waited to be seated around the tiny bar. it was a complete japanese culture immersion: we immediately got our steamed towels and water glasses, swiftly followed by shellfish and clams and fish that came along with shredded daikon, beautiful carrot pickles, ginger and wasabi. sake in ceramics and tap beer. the final dish was the usual miso soup.

below you see ebi and akagai sashimi.

ika sashimi

uni gunkanmaki is sea urchin roe served in a leaf of nori.

ikura gunkanmaki is salmon roe served in a leaf of tori.

this is maguro, tuna sashimi.

and this is the final sea shells miso soup.

our happy romanian chatting attracted a few glances but tokyoites are rather familiar with gaijins even with the ones who speak good japanese.  it was one good dinner out in town.


photo credits: little aesthete