i got the full japan package!

we were having lunch in nara when i felt the seat beneath me doing a rather slow and lasting zig zag. it felt like i was dizzy but it wasn’t over soon…nobody else in the restaurant seemed to mind or notice. we finished our meal and left. in the street, about 50 people were gathered in front of a tv screen showing footage of a tsunami that had hit the north east coast of japan. we realised how bad it was and started calling friends and family. we also went on the internets: preliminary reports indicated a 9 degrees earthquake. we couldn`t get through to our friend in tokyo, but there was a robot on the line saying that, due to the earthquake, the connection failed. a text message finally got through and we found out she was really scared. another friend in tokyo was in odaiba exactly when the fire happened. he`s telling me the trains and subway are not working, so the people living outside the city will use the especially opened public shelters.

we spent the second part of the day in kobe. once we reached the harbour, we heard an official message being broadcasted via speakerphones. apparently, they were expecting a baby tsunami (maximum 50 centimeters). nothing happened while we were there.

this is my earthquake report. tomorrow is island day. we`ll go see 3 islands in the inland sea. wish me luck