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the wonderfully futuristic guggenheim bilbao opened 15 years ago. when i first saw a picture of it, i immediately put it on my list. there’s a lot to be said so i’ll try to be brief. in case you want more details, you know what to do.


back in july, i spent a week in kiev. my parents had told me a thousand stories about this beautiful city, so, when i had the chance, i took it. but i like to see the future not the past when i travel so i was worried that perhaps the balance between the two will...

TOKYO day 3

Back to Roppongi. I took pictures of the spider (Maman by the late Louise Bourgeois), one of my favorites, I was delighted to find it there, too. We went up the Mori building and visited the Modern Art museum and then out on the platform that allows 360o views of the city. credits: lilaesthete