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top 10 harajuku is me giving you a personal tour of this unique tokyoite area. harajuku is geographically speaking part of shibuya. and aoyama is located in northern minato. but i believe that they deserve a post together with omotesando, as the fashion triangle of tokyo. 10. hair and nail salons. the area is known to have the highest...


this is for all the mmm fans out there! i checked it out last year. it’s in omotesando, one of the hot spots of high fashion in tokyo. they had the tabi shoes, of course, as well as the wrinkled paper boots and the no name perfume. click here for more pix and info!

TOKYO day 7

Trying to cover what I hadn’t yet, I went to Shibuya. I had been there before briefly and went with Liviu to the top of a hotel in order to take pictures of the busiest crossroads ever. You know, the one in Lost in translation. It really is incredibly busy. I’m usually pretty good at...

TOKYO day 2

i was lucky to spend the sunday with liviu, a romanian friend of a friend who has been living in tokyo for 15 years. he took me to omotesando, harajuku and shibuya. i was blown away: the prada building, cat street, the rockabilly dancers in yoyogi park and the craziest street style on this planet....

TOKYO day 1

i got into an early train to tokyo. it was full of salary men who had spent the night drinking their stress away. there was a cute, well-dressed one who was doing a lot of acrobatics to reach and get hold of a bar. lol! my first taste of tokyo was ginza at seven o’clock...