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mori art museum is a private contemporary art museum. it’s located in roppongi hills, on the 53rd and 54th floors of the famous mori tower. yes, in tokyo. roppongi hills is a modern complex. it has its own subway station, a few skyscrapers, many stores and restaurants and even a small pond. before getting on...

TOKYO day 3

Back to Roppongi. I took pictures of the spider (Maman by the late Louise Bourgeois), one of my favorites, I was delighted to find it there, too. We went up the Mori building and visited the Modern Art museum and then out on the platform that allows 360o views of the city. credits: lilaesthete

TOKYO day 2

i was lucky to spend the sunday with liviu, a romanian friend of a friend who has been living in tokyo for 15 years. he took me to omotesando, harajuku and shibuya. i was blown away: the prada building, cat street, the rockabilly dancers in yoyogi park and the craziest street style on this planet....