targu jiu in 25 pictures is just a light pre-weekend post i’m putting out there. i’m sorry but i somehow managed to still be neck deep in work.

targu jiu 25 pictures 6

as you may know, i have been occasionally traveling to targu jiu for work. i was there again, a few days ago, and i thought it was a pity not to share with you a few pictures.

i will start with the surprising flower arrangement i found in my hotel room. score!

targu jiu 25 pictures 1

i rarely have time for sight seeing when i travel for work. but sometimes it happens that i get free time. i love wandering around strange places especially on a beautiful summer afternoon.

targu jiu 25 pictures 2 targu jiu 25 pictures 3 targu jiu 25 pictures 4targu jiu 25 pictures 5

since i know my way around a little better, i walked all the way from the hotel to the endless column.

targu jiu 25 pictures 7 targu jiu 25 pictures 8 targu jiu 25 pictures 9 targu jiu 25 pictures 10targu jiu 25 pictures 11

i usually take hundreds of random pictures and make friends with locals. the furry kind who have four paws and a tail, you know!

then i walked to the central park with its gate of the kiss.

targu jiu in 25 pictures 12

targu jiu in 25 pictures 13 targu jiu in 25 pictures 14targu jiu in 25 pictures 15

i like to walk on the alleys lined with overwhelming trees to a soundtrack of bird noise. the air was laced with green, forest smells activated by the summer rain that had just ended.

targu jiu in 25 pictures 16 targu jiu in 25 pictures 17 targu jiu in 25 pictures 18 targu jiu in 25 pictures 19

i walked a little along the jiu river and then back to the hotel for the first proper meal of the day. both the pasta and the fruit salad were sad, but it’s ok, you can never have it all, right?

targu jiu in 25 pictures 20 targu jiu in 25 pictures 21 targu jiu in 25 pictures 22 targu jiu in 25 pictures 23 targu jiu in 25 pictures 25targu jiu in 25 pictures 24

i hope you liked my targu jiu overview. see you soon!

photo credits: little aesthete