this post is not about coffee. and it’s not about the brand. this is about one of the best places i found in japan!

if you are in kyoto station, take the large avenue in front of it and walk for approximately half an hour, on the right side. there’s also a subway line running right underneath that same avenue so you can use that.¬†this is the exact address:

652 Nijohanjikicho Karasuma-Ayanokuji
Saguru Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto, Kyoto 600-8412

i first entered it by mistake in 2010 but i came back for a proper visit last year. nothing prepares you for the full glass wall showcasing the back alley temple behind the building. at first, it seems to be just another regular coffee place to get your coffee and wifi fix.

some of the seats were oriented towards the temple so that one can admire the view

we should do this too! there are plenty of churches hidden behind buildings

and then…you see the temple! and the hedgehog figurines in the tiny garden. and the super friendly band of pigeons who were totally unafraid of people.

the screaming schoolgirls seemed strangely scared and excited at the same time. kawaii!

pigeon fun

yes, he was flying right at me

the army of little stone figurines with their red bibs

do not miss it if you are in kyoto! it’s very close to the manga museum!

photo credits: lilaesthete

video credits: youtube