everybody knows that origami is the japanese art of paper folding. but, the more i researched it, the more i found out about it: check out the many different kinds of origami!

kirigami is a similar form of paper art only it also allows cutting besides folding.

modular origami is an origami technique that consists of the use of several pieces of paper in order to create a larger, more complex structure.

wet folding is the technique that uses water in order to make paper more pliable and easier to manage.

sipho wet folding origami crayfish

pureland is a simpler origami style for the inexperienced.

tesselations are modular/honeycomb structures made of paper.

among the many other sub-genres there are the unexpected business card origami or dollar bill origami.

for any kind of further information, check the origami resource center. it’ll certainly cover all your paper folding needs.

i also came across some amazing artists:

sipho mabona – check his galleries for breath-taking paper art.

* taketori (he’s doing amazing kirigami insects – see gallery one and two).

and last, but not least, my old favourite, rob ryan.

vogue commission

i think this is enough inspiration for all of us to start folding!