i know i also reviewed the previous two issues of colors but i think i will do it for as long as the content is so amazingly interesting. on december the 1st, it’s a whole year since i gave up on buying romanian press and i feel no regret. i would not push you to read my other favourites – vogue uk or wallpaper, but i think that you should read colors! it is that interesting and potentially life changing and it does not sell anything – it just tries to inform us on topics no other journalists ever touch!

i will give you my higlights of this issue:

* 2/3 of all people on this planet have no toilet!

* this means that they have to pee and poop in the open, anywhere. women are in a particularly vulnerable position: 1 in 4 of the 140 mil girls who live in countries at war are attacked and/or raped while doing it. and, in 2003, several american female soldiers died of dehydration because, afraid of being raped by their male counterparts during the nightime trip to the latrines they refrained from drinking any fluids for long period of time.

open pooping in bolivia

* dhaka, bangladesh has 17 public toilets for 15 million people. the quick answer? a fleet of rickshaw toilets! to get a better idea, know that manchester has only one public toilet for 500k inhabitants and london has one for every 16k inhabitants.

* a study in the uk talk about the bladder leash condition – the elderly don’t leave their homes for fear they will not find a toilet when necessary…

* mumbai, india – in order to ban public urinating, the authorities placed tiles depicting gods on the walls most probable to be pissed on. and it was a great idea – the pissing stopped!

* flush toilets are great but they are unfortunately water-wasteful. the volume of water used for one flushing varies from 4 to 13 liters!  in china, the authorities tried to introduce the standing pee for women in public loos, hoping to save many tons of water this way. another option is to not flush when you pee, a measure for homes not public toilets.

* the helicopter toilet = shit in a bag, tie it up and throw it as far as possible. as unbelievable as it sounds, it is the preferred method of disposing of poop in slums all over the world.

* over 1,7 americans lack basic plumbing.

* a shit transplant can save your life if you’re suffering from a bacterial infection called clostridium difficile.

* half the times a sewer backs up it’s due to congealed fat, so stop pouring your waste oil down the drain! soak it up with tissues and throw it in the garbage or pour it in the soil.

* holding it in can lead to serious infections so pick a travel john when you have long trips ahead. it’s a bag of odourless gel that absorbs liquid and the zip-lock is leak-free!

* have you ever dreamed to eat on the toilet? if your answer is yes, you can make your dream come true: just go to taiwan, they have the modern toilet restaurant!

* thousands of people in ulan bator live in the sewerage, especially during the terrible winters. fortunately, romania’s sewerage population has decreased but i can tell you that my glue-sniffing neighbours still go down a man hole every night to sleep…

* half of the world wipes and the other half washes. the japanese are way ahead: they wipe and wash due to their extra-special washlet-toilets! 72% of all japanese homes have one.

* the lowest level in the hindu caste system is the dalit – the untouchables. their life-long job is to dispense of everybody else’s excrement. they are considered to be born dirty and no other caste would dream of touching even their shadow.

* 56% of all drug mules die on the job.

140 of packets of cocaine in somebody's abdomen

* the world is using very little of this renewable energy source: shit. but the chinese are revolutionary: they have been using it for over 4 thousand years as fertilizer or as fuel.

* the 19th of november is international toilet day! let’s do a late celebration!