i discovered the misanthropic bunny on facebook: tweet-sized comments that evolved into comics-type banners, all of them cynical remarks on the absurd and uncontrollable developments of the world we live in.

i admire the birth of the rabbit: all those pessimistic and skeptical social/political/economical comments sound better when they’re coming from a cute character. also, who would accuse a bunny of being biased?

in a country where everybody has a political point of view and they are more than ready to shout it from rooftops, it is a rare feat to be able to forge an opinion leader persona with an articulated discourse and a funny and cool i’ve-seen-it-all approach.

note: to get the humour in the comics, one needs some knowledge of local and international news.

i talked to the bunny and tried to shed light on its recent decision to take a break:

you have announced yesterday that you were going to take a break. why give up when almost 3.5k of people are waiting for your point of view? 

i announced earlier that our daily meetings are suspended because even a fictional character has its connections with reality. and its reality is of the classical, simple, trivial type.

concerning the 3,300 people who liked the facebook page, i believe figures shouldn’t be taken as such. from those 3,300, many don’t know or don’t have the patience to understand what it’s all about. in reality, my friends are a handful of people, those people with a brain and with eyes wide open, the ones you can see making fun of the ridiculous life we’re living, the ones who are correcting my mistakes and who go beyond the headline of the news.

am i right thinking that this whole parallel life takes a lot of time and effort?

thinking takes time, curiosity takes time. laughter takes understanding, and understanding also takes time. i guess even time takes time.

why hesitate between romanian and english and why not pick one? your reader is definitely bilingual

there is no pendulation between romanian and english. it’s just that the natural reaction to what is happening in the world is in english. when it comes to romania’s terrible leaders, the romanian language, although often foreign for them, is the framework for the ridiculous to take place.

would you consider a job offer from a big press conglomerate? for instance, would you blog for a romanian publication? or would you be more inclined to say yes if it was an international publication?

there have been discussions at intention level with several parties, but none has come to fruition. the interest of the romanian press institutions for the world we live in is very low. the same goes for the readers. moreover, i don’t know how comfortable it is for the editor to take the fully formed bitter opinions of somebody who has given up on hope. the english language international publications and readers abroad already enjoy the right approach: professionalism, quality and the volume of information.

you are very fluid in social media – would you consider changing your current format?

time is, once again, the issue! existing in social media takes time. yes, i was born on a blog, i grew up on facebook, i used twitter, tumblr and pinterest i will probably die on my website, but real life is offline, where presidents and prime-ministers make decisions, where curiosity roams on mars, where ray bradbury dies while the future of the european union is uncertain and syria gives the measure of human nature.

in case you are really curious, learn that the rabbit’s brain has two parts: left and right.

art credits: the misanthropic bunny