with raving reviews from the most important figures in modern cuisine (ferran adrià said that this book will change the way we under­stand the kitchen), the 20-kg modernist cuisine is set to become a new benchmark in the fascinating and immensely appealing world of modern culinary arts. it demystifies the why by giving in depth physical and chemical explanations meant to complete the fact that most recipes just give you the how to make a dish but almost never the processes behind it. by handing out all the information, the authors are hoping that they will enable a whole generation to take innovation a step further.

if you are anything like me, you are barely attracted to text-heavy cookbooks. but this is not at all like that: the 2,438 pages are full of 3,216 colour pictures illustrating the 1,522 recipes and techniques. one of the new techniques out there is sous vide which consists of first vacuuming the food and then cooking it in conditions of complete control over the degree of doneness. the book means to describe the new techniques, set new standards and become a reference point in modern cooking.

and, to make it fully worth the 500 usd price (amazon says 478 usd but it is currently out of stock so, in case you really want it, fish around for the best price), the book is spiral-bound and the pages are washable. also, the chef-ready 6 volumes can also easily be used by mere mortals trying to impress a small audience of friends and family.

in case you’re wondering what they served for the launch on march the 23rd, click here,  here and here.

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