very early on thursday morning we left to craiova. even if we woke up at 6 and had already parked the car at the other end of bucharest to get out of the city faster, we somehow managed to drive the 300 km in about 5 h…so we missed the opening of the brainstorming on life and profession kept by art power couple dan and lia perjovschi.

the 2010-opened club electroputere craiova is (although the name may be misleading) actually a contemporary art space  – curated by resourceful and kind duo adrian bojenoiu and alexandru niculescu – that is currently housing the perjovskis’ joint show:  museum of knowledge (lia) and other happenings (dan).

the workshop gathered some 20 people with the most varied jobs: street artist, translator, lawyer, engineer, experimental theater pr, etc. the talk reached as wide and far as the issue of the burka ban in france, naive painting, multiculturalism, romania and how there is this new yorker who tattooed his body with dan’s work. the participants’ drawing skills were put to the test and each received a double evaluation from the couple. the time was exceeded and we only left back to bucharest after lia gave us a pre-opening tour of her museum of knowledge.

the atmosphere was beyond relaxed and friendly: i am certain everybody left the venue inspired. lia and dan brought their priceless knowledge, experience and charm to the table and the whole thing left us smiling widely.

rich man…very rich man

the show is open until november the 20th. make a day trip of it!

photo credits: my bf. last photo by club electroputere