colors introduces itself as a magazine about the rest of the world. on their 20th anniversary, their latest issue, no. 80,  celebrates superheroes and is entirely bd-style.

but, as it is colors, you won’t be reading about spiderman or such, but about real life heroes, the ones whose daring achievements bring tears to our jaded eyes.

there are 12 stories and i will cite my favourite real life heroes:

– a re-formed khmer rouge who undertook the life long task of detecting as many as possible from the left over 4-6 million  land mines.

– a chilean drag queen who uses his alter ego to raise money for local people in distress

damas de blanco, the mothers, daughters and relatives of the independent journalists and cuban government opponents jailed under the gag law in march 2003

julian assange, lone fighter for the freedom of the press

– the amazing columbian who used his two donkeys to create the biblioburro, an itinerant free library for the 413,000 children with no access to public education in his home land

– the south african priest who uses his church in johannesburg to shelter between 1,500 and 3,500 refugees

– the south korean woman who sold fish for as long as she lived and every savings she had she gave away: an estimated 8 million usd worth of land and scholarships and 4 million usd in books to schools across her country

at the end, there is a page where you can get an idea, a contact or a link, in case one of the causes moved you and you want to chip in.

an amazing and moving issue which shows us that even a single person can change things, even it may often seem otherwise

check colors’ website: you can see bits and pieces of their latest issues: 79 was about collectors, an endearing insight into the world of hunters and gatherers and 78 was about dance (unfortunately i missed reading it, but they have articles online among which one about the rockabilly groups one can find in tokyo. i saw them last year and they were insanely entertaining!)

also, fabrica, the benetton group communications center, responsible for colors, wants your under-25 creativity! apply here!

also, issue 81 – transport – still takes your ideas and pictures.

i hope colors made your day better. each issue certainly makes mine.