the sneaker trend is back! not that i have ever given up on it…

the sneaker trend

i grew up on a stadium so i’m really into sportswear. my dad is a track and field coach so i can tell runners from high jumpers from throwers by the shape of their bodies. that’s how comes i have a huge soft spot for the relaxed silhouette.

that being said, i was excited to see fashionistas around the world giving up on their stilt-like heels and upping their sneaker game. in my opinion, there is no way one can look cool struggling to keep one’s balance like bambi on ice.

the first sign of the sneaker trend was the wave of genuine and fake isabel marant wedge sneakers. first they were seen on the feet of the chosen few, like models and actresses, and then nike, adidas and all the high street companies issued copy cats. they were (and still are) literally everywhere!

isabel marant wedge the sneaker trend

2013 brought about the classic sneaker. not a hybrid between comfortable and a high heel, but the flat, ergonomic running shoe. the range is insane! they can be either box-fresh peacock-coloured nikes or super high-brow conceptual beauties such as margiela’s mirror high tops or 20 colour splatter shoes. or celine’s slip on vans.

margiela mirror sneakers the sneaker trendmargiela splatter sneakers the sneaker trendceline slip on vans the sneaker trend

i admit to being a bit of a sneaker head. i like them all: running shoes or city models. tri-colour super stars or dressier shapes. i like them colourful and  i like how suede can really carry the bright colours. my most unusual are the tabi design of nike’s japanese-inspired air rifts. they are perfectly comfortable. i wear my sneakers pretty much everywhere.

nike air rift the sneaker trendpuma suede eco amazn green the sneaker trend

i have always noticed how many of my favourite fashion designersd wore sneakers: the late alex mcqueen, rick owens and even phoebe philo.

jak and  jil rick owens the sneaker trendphoebe philo the sneaker trend

i see the feeds of jak and jil, the sartorialist and garance dore being increasingly littered with fabulous pairs of sneakers complementing super stylish outfits. vika gazinskaya has been finishing feminine looks with cool sneakers for a long time. fashionista and runner hilary tsui is partnering with nike and wearing sporty flats with at least half her ensembles. and, as sneakers are now made by louboutin, ysl and pierre hardy as well, wearing them outside the gym or the running track is no longer frowned upon.

vika gazinskaya the sneaker trendhilary tsui the sneaker trend

the style bloggers are early adopters and complete their label threads with colourful sneaks.

susie bubble the sneaker trend

admittedly, the boys have been wearing the sneakers more, but the girls are catching on fast.

so, are you wearing your sneakers or are you waiting this trend out?

photo credits: google search