you wouldn’t think i talked and talked about all things japanese and forgot about their world famous butt-warming, flushing sound-faking toilets with their suggestive drawings menu and jet-temperature-and-angle settings? well, i found the de luxe version of this japanese staple and here you have it!

nu-mi is a toilet made by kohler and it apparently costs 6,400 usd. the ad i’m posting below presents an accurate insight into the life of the rich…althought…you think they pee in glass-walled rooms?

anyhow, these are its features:

*motion activated lid and seat (front sensors react to your movement when you enter the room for hands-free opening and closing of the cover.

*motion at the floor-level engages sensors to raise and lower seat).

*advanced bidet functionality. self-cleaning wand features multiple options for water spray pattern. adjust wand position, water pressure and temperature to your preferences.

*integrated air dryer located in the wand for more efficient drying.

*deodorizer: air is pulled through a powerful deodorizing charcoal filter.

*heated seat: warms the seat to your comfort level. feet warming: warm air from floor-level vents, heats the floor surface and warms your feet.

*illuminated panels: ambient lighting illuminates your space with a soft, inviting glow.

*and last, but not least, music!

how you control the high tech loo you ask?

*touch screen remote: fine tune every option to your personal preference.

*magnetic docking station: charges and stores the remote.

*user presets: easily customize and recall your saved preferences.

*numi flush technology: a sophisticated, automatic flush system delivers unprecedented water savings and power.

*also, auxiliary controls.

i wish i was making this up, but i’m not! it’s actually available for purchase, albeit only on order. it is obviously not for us, mere mortals, but i imagine there are very worthy people out there who would only entrust their nether regions to ultra-qualified robotic toilets.

i may be dissing this luxury version but i must tell you that, when i was going for a pee in the middle of the night in tokyo, last year, the warm seat was always a nice surprise…insert blushing smiley here…lol!