here you have an interview with the wonderful martyn jacques!

because i had been wondering if i could possibly top last year’s tiger lillies review? and i just had to find something even better.

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martyn jacques tiger lillies patrick wamsganz

how do you deal with the extensive touring?

i drink less and less!

have you ever had censorship problems? i know you produce and publish your music independently, i meant perhaps with the show organizers or the media.

the media has a very neat way of censoring art in the west…they just ignore it! keep everything bland then no one will complain. others, like russia, should take note.

do you have names for the two personas you do with your spell-binding voice?

woman and man.

is there anybody you’d love to collaborate with?

i like collaborating. i think i could think of a hundred different people! but you need someone to put up the money, that’s the problem.

martyn jacques tiger lillies andrey kezzyn

i saw the video you posted on facebook after the tiger lillies performed in athens during the protests, in 2011. you seemed like the perfect match for that moment and place. how did that happen?

the pr lady received a request from them. the audience’s faces were as white as mine to protect them from the teargas!

i understand you are a berliner now. how comes?

i’ve got a flat there..makes a change from london. i also lived in athens for a while which was lovely.

i have always felt a lot of love during your shows. am i wrong?

the further east we go the more love we get. there’s a lot of it around. sometimes i think people are happy they’re not watching the patronizing anodyne stuff that the media show, and entertainment industry produce.

do you have any secret talent? if so, which is it?

i paint and i’m also a talented pervert

martyn jacques tiger lillies mark holthusen

what are your favourite hang out places?

not going to tell you: i’d be mobbed by my fans……..err, well. maybe not.

do you listen to music in your spare time? if so, what do you have on your playlist?

old smyrna songs, billie holiday, jacques brel, edith piaf, gypsy and balkan music, caruso.

what/who inspires you?

as anyone who’s listened to more than one of my songs would know, i’m inspired by the dark side of life and human nature. i spent my 20s living in squats and then a flat above a clip joint/brothel in soho and that time gave me some great material to work with.

martyn jacques tiger lillies rene huemer

do you happen to have any advice for a young you?

follow your gut but don’t expect to get rich or famous.

you have so many things going on: the tiger lillies concerts, the caligari live soundtrack show, hamlet, woyzech, freakshow and many others. are there any new ones coming up?

we will soon release a new album called either/or inspired by the work of kierkegaard. early next year, we will also premiere the either/or cabaret that feels like a very interesting and hopefully successful show. and there are many more ideas/new projects on the way, which is great as i really enjoy being involved in many different artistic projects. it keeps me inspired and motivated.

martyn jacques tiger lillies arnold poeschl

thank you very much, martyn!

photo and video credits: tiger lillies, mark holthusen, patrick wamsganz, andrey kezzyn, rene huemer, arnold poeschl