are you going to travel to frankfurt, vienna, zurich or hamburg soon? if the answer is yes, i may have already found the place you’re going to stay. i admit, it is a little presumptuous, but check this out: there are 6 25h hotels in the 4 above-mentioned locations (actually, the one in zurich will only open in autumn 2012) and each of them is remarkable in its own. they are designed with a modern and cool clientele in mind, people who can appreciate a place that is a little different while still offering all the services a well-traveled client comes to expect from a good hotel.

each hotel a different design (the one in frankfurt was designed in collaboration with levi’s) and each offers an array of surprises that will make you smile.

all 6 hotels offer discounted rates for early birds, youngsters, weekenders and…wait for it! mini owners! (i already know somebody who’s going to love this!)

cute boutique hotels trump big chain hotels!