he’s a financial consultant/lawyer with a special place in his heart for faultless grammar and all outfits fabulous: he loves his rick owens sneakers and his carmen secareanu or manish aurora coats. although he has a remarkable sense of colour, he lives in an immaculate mansard and was recently very aptly selected to be the digital snake presence in the theatre mise en scene of the little prince (he has the most hypnotizing green eyes ever!)

i invite you to discover the very interesting tudor breazu:
what’s on your ipod that you listen to repeatedly?
i don’t have an ipod, but, when i’m cooking, i put the video loca by shakira on my ipad. this happened to me a few years ago as well, when kylie minogue launched red blooded woman.

are you cooking for friends or just for yourself? what’s your favourite recipe?

i cook for my friends, of course, my house is full almost all the time. i like romanian food a lot, i have recently discovered something very easy to make: pork roast with carrots and potatoes.

favourite band?
the knife or moloko or gogol bordello or bat for lashes or madonna or chairlift or maria tanase or sergio mendes or the cure…i don’t have a favorite band.

favourite book?
without giving it any thought, the island of the day before by umberto eco. i liked it so much i was scared to read it again…what if i don’t like it as much the second time around?

favourite activity?
being with  my friends in my kitchen, talking, laughing, reminiscing and making plans for the future.

i can tell you that your style blows my mind. the world needs more of you. what’s your secret?
my clothing style is my only artistic outlet. i’m not an artist, although i would’ve liked that. i can’t paint, sing, dance, act on stage and that’s why i found this way of expressing myself. it’s not a creative act, obviously, it is a way of expression, my way of relating to myself and to the world. the secret of this style…there’s no secret, i dress as i feel, i’m expressing myself.

what is your current favourite outfit?
i like to choose special pieces, pieces that speak to me and that i’m not afraid to wear. my favourite outfit is the one i’m putting on at a certain moment, it’s the carmen secareanu jumpsuit i still don’t have yet…

what are your interests?
reading, watching films, discovering what people have to say/show, helping out, traveling, going to the theater, to contemporary dance…

where will your next airplane ticket take you?

florence, i bought it yesterday.

what inspires you?
a scene in a film, the sensation i get from a good book, a dear person, a nice memory, magazines, videos, a street, a city…

your favourite quote?
once, i had found in kundera something about the two kinds of love: the good kind-which nourishes you, and the bad kind-which dries you up and the inevitable transformation of the first into the second. and i liked it painfully. but that was three years ago.

do you have any secret talents?
i don’t really have secrets….i can make firecrackers from cigarettes.

whose style do you admire?
the style of the bold, of the complicatedly simple, of the clean, of the childish.

bucharest is slowly becoming a cool place. what are your favourite places?
i used to like going with paul to the theater in the basements of desant and in the capitol garden, i like eating with amalia at omnivore’s dilemma and finish with an ice cream at the neighboring venchi with sandra, i like it when carmen invites me at boutique du pain, i like chatting in the carturesti garden with angela, i like dancing with gabi in gaia but also in ota, i used to like having beer at agip otopeni with mihai and watching the airplanes, i like to read by myself in the ioanid garden, i like to have dinner with maria at patrizia or at loft, i like to run with radu on a stadium in construction…

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thank you very much for sharing, tudor!