i watch a sea of girls putting most of their efforts into becoming lame copies of freakish women. women who are too skinny, too tall and too long-legged to be considered the norm. not to mention the amount of effort those women put into becoming the pre-photoshop version of themselves…

what percentage of that effort is put by the girls into becoming a better and healthier person? why spend copious amounts of money on the latest must have when you can buy air tickets and get richer by finding out more about the world we live in and about yourself in the process? why spend most of your time trying in vain to appear to be something when you can actually do something like work out, help a friend or learn?

i watch a sea of girls hypnotized by shiny things that enslave them and transform them into malleable, submissive women who never think for themselves as no one has ever marketed thinking as being cool. the girls are so eager to fill the shoes of this weak persona whose mind is inhabited solely by the perfect dress or the perfect earrings that they wake up one day already being that airhead whose only reference in life is buying whatever she’s told by glossies, the internet and the rest of the media.

the boys are also buying into the whole stereotype and they expect their girls to be pretty airheads just as the girls expect their boys to be strong airheads. a match made in marketing heaven!

and they spend their lives together, buying and pretending, never happy, never fulfilled, never aware. the perfect mindless subjects of a corporate-driven world.

i wonder if this should be called the triumph of capitalism or bad parenting?